The Computer Science faculty conducts research in a variety of areas including optimization, graphics and visualization, artificial intelligence, system architecture, databases, embedded systems, and sensor networks. Research is also focused on how to teach computer science effectively.

Research Groups

Centre for Optimization, Convex Analysis and Non-Smooth Analysis (COCANA)
The OCANA research group is one of the most unique concentration of optimization researchers in Canada. Its computer science aspects contains many exciting and vibrant challenges: recently discovered algorithms make it possible to solve problems that were previously considered computationally impossible. Designing the cheapest road that is still safe to drive, aggregating data from multiple sources, finding improved methods to teach computer science, studying social networks, and computing an aggregate ranking are some of the current problems under investigation.

Database Research Group
The database research group led by Ramon Lawrence studies how to store, find, and organize data efficiently. Current projects include databases for environmental monitoring and sensor networks, database tuning and optimization, and databases for embedded systems, cell phones, and flash drives. The database research group focuses on all practical applications of data management.

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