Undergraduate Studies

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Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree. Both degrees train students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators.  Graduating students can use their skills to be IT managers, software developers/engineers, system administrators, or continue on to graduate studies. The difference between the degrees is the Bachelor of Arts degree has more flexibility and does not require students to take introductory physics and chemistry.

Everyone needs to know about technology and computers regardless of their future career. Students in any program may take a Minor in Computer Science which provides an introduction to computational thinking and a practical understanding of computer science. Introductory courses such as COSC 111, 121, 122, and 123 provide various ways to connect with Computer Science, be exposed to the amazing wonders of technology, and unleash your own creativity in using and creating technology.

In Computer Science undergraduate studies at UBC Okanagan, you can complete either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

The BA program allows students to use their artistic creativity with technology for the benefit of society. It appeals to students interested both in computer science and visual arts (game or website design), psychology (cognitive science, and human and computer interaction), English (technical writing), languages (automation of text translation), philosophy (computer ethics), or law (information security, privacy, and forensics).

The BSc program provides students with a comprehensive overview of computer science including data structures, databases, mobile and web development, software engineering, numerical methods, and security. Computer Science graduates have an impact on society by developing systems used by millions of users and are in very high demand.

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